Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Journey: Just The Beginning

This video is a chronicle of the major milestones I have attained so far on my journey to health. So far I have lost almost 210lbs. and have done some amazing things like bike races, 10k walks, and swimming across the Ohio River and back. There is still a ton that I want to accomplish though. I want to run my first 5K and 10K in the next 6 months. I want to run my first half marathon at the Flying Pig this next year, I want to run my first full marathon at the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2016, to finish my first Olympic triathlon at the Cincinnati Triathlon next year, to finish my first half Ironman race in 2016, and my first full Ironman race in 2017. I also want to document a trip bikepacking the Colorado Trail in Denver. It is a 585 mile trail that I want to ride before the end of 2017. 

The reason I want to do these things is to prove to myself that my body is amazing and is capable of so much more than I ever thought possible. I spent so much time neglecting my body that I now want to see what it is truly capable of. I also want to do this to prove that anyone out there can take back their lives, it just takes a choice. I am no one special. I am just some regular guy that made the choice to get healthy and if I can do it, then anyone can. I want to motivate others to greatness. 

Please like, share and comment on this video and all of my blog posts. It is my hope to one day make this a place of true inspiration and motivation for not only people trying to loose weight, but everyone who knows deep down that they are capable of amazing things. Every one of us is, so join me on this journey.

I can’t do all of these amazing things alone. I am looking for sponsors to help me get the equipment and motivation I need to train. In turn I use and promote your gear or product. I think we can do some amazing things together if you are willing to join me on my journey. 

I am also looking for opportunities to share my story. I am now booking speaking engagements. Weather it's talking about bariatric surgery and my experiences, to goal setting, to just motivation to achieve your dreams, I am you guy. Let me be the one to inspire your crowd. 

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Jonathan Blue