Advertising and Sponsorship


               I will be documenting, videoing, and blogging about my experiences and journey in an effort to provide support and encouragement to others in a similar situation. Using television and other news sources I am currently working share my journey with the world. I am just an everyday guy who made a choice. A choice to get healthy and take back my life. I want to prove to others that if I can do it, then they can too. No matter where you find yourself you can take back your life and get healthy. Now that I have it back, I want to see what all I am capable of. 

                With more than 78 million adults in the United States alone considered obese and doctors performing over 200,000 weight loss surgeries a year, the bariatric community is a relatively untapped and growing resource by many of today's companies. A lot of weight loss patients are eager to get out there and begin experiencing life just like myself. They need equipment and guidance to help them meet their goals but many don't know where to start or what gear to buy. As I begin to create a name for myself with all of the amazing things that I am doing, this untapped group of people will be looking at the things other people like them are using to accomplish amazing things. It is the perfect opportunity to get in on the group floor of a marketing campaign ready to take off.


·         Blog posts and videos dedicated to your product or service.
·         Space on the blog to include guest posts from someone in your company.
·         Posting on social media sites about my journey and your products I am using.
·         Talking about your product during television and radio interviews.
·         I would be a part of any trade show or promotional material you would want.
·         Your product and your logo being used and printed on any event worn jerseys.
·         Other arrangements available upon further discussion.

I am currently looking for sponsors to join me in my journey. This would entail providing products and services designed to help me train and meet my goals. I strongly urge you to consider helping me reach the bariatric community with the message that anything is possible and your company could help them get there.

For more information or to discuss possible opportunities email me at