Media Attention

11/14/2014 -

Cheryl with My Bariatric Life contact me about doing an interview style post about my journey. This was my favorite article so far because it was so much fun to talk about some of the various perspectives of others about my journey. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again. Check out her blog if you have a chance. There is some really great stuff on there!

11/04/2014 -

I was contacted by Chris Morell from the FitBit blog. He had heard of my story through the grapevine and was very interested in presenting it to the FitBit blog readers. He felt that my story would resonate with fellow FitBit users. I am deeply humbled by his kindness and professionalizm in working with me through this process. I strongly urge everyone to check out this blog post and please comment on it. I am trying to set a FitBit blog record by getting 100 comments in in 2 weeks (11/18/14). PLEASE HELP!

FitBit Success: Jonathan B. photo shoot. Down 210lbs!

10/31/2014  - 

I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to sit down and speak with the talented Sarah Buelterman of the TriHealth marketing department. She contacted because she had heard about my story and wanted to help share my story with others. This is the first article ever published about my journey and I couldn't be more excited!