My Journey

My name is Jonathan Blue and I have a very unique story I want to share with the world. One year ago, my life was miserable. I weight over 512lbs and everything hurt. I can remember not being able to fit into chairs and the constant worry that one would break as soon as I sat down. I can remember working my night shift pharmacy job and practically crying and crawling through the front door of my home eight hours later after only having worked one night. I can remember being miserable and depressed.             
Then something truly amazing happened to me. My mom sat me down one day and said she was so concerned for my health and safety that if I chose to have weight loss surgery she would pay for whatever my insurance didn’t cover. That shocked me for some reason. My mother was willing to pay thousands of dollars just to get her son back. At least that is what she had said. At this point, I hadn’t fully realized I was a shell of the person I once was.
From there I went through months of researching the pros and cons. I researched the procedures and agonized over which one would be right for me. I researched the doctors and who would take my insurance. Who was the best? But mostly I researched the process beginning to end, front and back. I wanted to know everything.

On November 4, 2013, I went to the Good Samaritan Hospital to have a gastric bypass surgery. It was the day that would forever change my life. For the rest of the story I urge you to check out the rest of this blog that has chronicled the major moments of my journey so far and what I still continue to do.
I have come a long ways; almost 210lbs in less than a year. I still have about 70 more lbs to go, but I know I can achieve this goal. I currently work as an Aquatic Personal Trainer and a Bariatric Wellness Program Coordinator for Mercy HealthPlex in Fairfield, Ohio. I also work to motivate patients through many techniques, always striving to give them something new to work with or achieve. I also introduced a healthy cooking and post-surgery cooking class to accommodate the needs of people just needing to figure out healthy ways of feeding themselves and their family. I have spent several years as a professional chef and have cooked for all of the food demos myself.
This blog is a way to provide hope and motivation to others struggling with weight loss or to get healthy. I am no one special. I am just a regular guy who made a choice to take back his life. I know deep down, if I can do it, so can you! 

Join me on this amazing journey!